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West Virginia
Physicians for a National Health Program

America’s system of providing health care to its citizens is at a tipping point. For the first time in seventy years political, economic, and technological forces are presenting a real opportunity to reform the system.

We are a chapter of the national Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP). Formed in 1986, for over 25 years PNHP has advocated for and lobbied to restore the physician-patient relationship by limiting outside influences. We support Medicare For All.

In 2022, PNHP successfully led a movement against the  expansion of private equity firms into Medicare. In June 2023, our medical student members passed a resolution to lobby the American Medical Association to adopt a policy advocating for a health system that provides care without obstacles for everyone, a reversal of a seventy-year opposition.


On this website you will find news about the intersection of medical practice, economics, and politics; emerging issues; stories from suffering citizens; an overview of health care under Medicare for All, a Medicare-only page, and invitations to join your voice with ours.

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