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Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall

For-profit insurance companies, hospitals, drug manufacturers. and, increasingly, private equity firms  and technology start-ups are invested in privatizing American health care. Why? Because every American needs health care from cradle to grave. Lots of profit; repeat business.  Their motto: Profits over Patients.

Their for-profit model frequently creates an adversarial relationship between them and physicians. It puts financial incentives over patient needs that often interfere with physician treatment decisions.

Americans want a one-on-one relationship with health care providers that are bound by an oath to “Do No Harm”. 

Instead, physicians and other health care professionals are increasingly becoming employees limited by what care they can provide. That means inferior care, unnecessary care, delayed care, and denied care.

"The first step is to give up the illusion that the primary purpose of modern health care is to improve American health effectively and efficiently. In our opinion, the primary purpose of commercially-funded health care is to maximize financial return on investment, not health."
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