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U.S. & the World

The United Nations, the World Health Organizations and other world organizations enshrined the right to  health into their human rights instruments. 

Since signing these treaties, all wealthy nations have provided guaranteed systems of universal health care for their citizens.

Except the United States

Wealthy individuals from around the world travel to the United States for medical care due to our country’s reputation for cutting-edge treatments, top hospitals and highly skilled health specialists - if they can afford it.  Yet for America's people, compared to other wealthy countries, our health system is the most costly, unjust, confusing, and unaffordable - and our people are sicker die earlier. European people describe our health system as "cruel."

Let's Compare

Hugging a Pillow

The US spends 16.6% of our GDP for health care, more than any of our peer countries . That figure does not include individual out-of-pocket premiums, co-pays co-insurance or deductibles)

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